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        Metallurgical Valves
        Metallurgical Vehicles
        Investment Casting Equipments
        Bellows Expansion Joints
        Metal Hoses
        Rubber Hoses
        Pressure Vessels
        Other Products

        Investment Casting Equipments

        Complete Set of Tepid-wax Pattern Forming Equipment
        Single Station Wax Injector
        C Frame Double Station Wax Injector with Free Change of Wax Container
        Upper Pillar Type Double Station Wax Injector With Free Change of Wax Container
        Automatic Wax Injector With Free Change of Wax Container
        Table-turned Type Wax Injector With Free Change of Wax Container
        Double station Wax Injector With Exchangeable Wax Container
        Wax Reservoir Thermo-tank
        Pneumatic Two Station Wax Bar Making Machine
        Complete Set of Silicasol Pattern Forming Equipment
        L-shaped Slurry Tank
        Single Station Vacuum Wax-paste Mixer
        Two Station Vacuum Wax-paste Mixer
        Thermostatic Vacuum Wax-paste Mixer
        Movable Rapid Wax-paste Proportioning Machine
        Rapid Wax-paste Proportioning Machine
        Lifting Open Softy Type (Bucket Type) Sand Shower
        Lifting and Semiclosed Type (Bucket Type) Sand Shower
        Lifting and Full-closed Type (Bucket Type) Sand Shower
        Table-turned Sand Shower
        Fluidized Bed
        Pattern Hanging Automatic Drying Line
        Bag Dust Catcher
        Complete Set of Tepid-wax Dewaxing Equipment
        Automatic Dewaxing Autoclave
        Electric and Heating Type Dewaxing Boilerclave
        Fuel Type Dewaxing Boilerclave
        Steam Supply Type Double Chamber Dewaxing Boilerclave
        Supply Steam Type Single Chamber Dewaxing Boilerclave
        Complete Set of Wax Reclaiming Equipment
        Preparatory Wax Stewing Unit
        Cyclone Type Dumping Unit
        Dewatering Unit
        Diad Wax Dewatering Unit
        Wax Stewing Unit
        Diad Wax Stewing Unit
        Wax Transporting Unit
        Wax Compression Filter
        Wax Melting Unit
        Motive Wax Melting and Transfer Car
        Roasting Furnaces
        Bottom-rotated Type Fuel and Gas Roasting Furnace
        Box Type Fuel(Electric and Heat) Roasting Furnace
        Complete Set of Cast Cleaning Equipment
        Tower Type Pneumatic Pattern Shaking Unit
        Japanese Pneumatic Pattern Shaking Unit
        Super Power Manual Cutter
        Super Power Toothless Cutter
        Double Side Belt Type Grinding Unit
        Manual Dry Type Sand Spray Unit
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