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        Metallurgical Valves
        Metallurgical Vehicles
        Investment Casting Equipments
        Bellows Expansion Joints
        Metal Hoses
        Rubber Hoses
        Pressure Vessels
        Other Products

        Bellows Expansion Joints

        Axial Type Bellows Expansion Joint
        Universal Internally Pressurized Expansion Joint(TN)
        High Temperature Axial Internally Pressurized Expansion Joint(GTN)
        Telescopic Axial Expansion Joint(FST)
        Twin Tied Type Axial Expansion Joint(FSL)
        Twin Type Bellows Expansion Joint With Holder(FSZ)
        Externally Pressurized Axial Expansion Joint (WY)
        Unrestrained Bellows Expansion Joint(WYS)
        Directly Buried Internally Pressurized Expansion Joint (MNY)
        Directly Buried Externally Pressurized Expansion Joint (MWY)
        One-off Directly Buried Externally Pressurized Expansion Joint (YMWY)
        Lateral Type Bellows Expansion Joint
        Three-way Small Tied Expansion Joint(XLH)
        Lateral Big Tied Expansion Joint (DLH)
        Gimbal Hinged Lateral Expansion Joint (WJH)
        Single Hinged Lateral Expansion Joint (DJH)
        Angular Type Bellows Expansion Joint
        Gimbal Hinged Expansion Joint(WJL)
        Pressure Balanced Type Bellows Expansion Joint
        Straight Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint (ZYP)
        Bend Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint (QYP)
        Straight Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint of Nearby Passing Type (PYP)
        Rectangle Bellows Expansion Joint
        Rectangle Metal Bellows Expansion Joint(TJXD,TJXG)
        Small Lever Rectangle Metal Bellows Expansion Joint (XJX)
        Nonmetallic Bellows Expansion Joint
        Rectangle Nonmetallic Expansion Joint£¨JXF£©
        Circular Nonmetallic Expansion Joint£¨YXF£©
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