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        Metallurgical Valves
        Metallurgical Vehicles
        Investment Casting Equipments
        Bellows Expansion Joints
        Metal Hoses
        Rubber Hoses
        Pressure Vessels
        Other Products

        Metal hoses

        Special Metal Hose
        Metal Hose for Anti-quake Reinforcement of Storage Tanks
        Lance Hoses for Oxygen
        Shake Reduction Hoses for Pump System
        The Daul Hose
        Vacuum Hose
        Hose for Construction
        Car Exhaust Gas Hose
        Non-metal Hose
        Hose for Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene
        Flexible metal hoses
        Annularly Corrugated Flexible Metal Hose
        Helically Corrugated Flexible Metal Hose
        Type E-winding (Without Sealing) Stainless steel Liner Pipe
        General flexible metal hoses
        Pipe Couplings
        Quick Couplings
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